Maggie began her career at the riding stables of Long Island, NY during a time when Dressage was a relatively unknown equestrian discipline to the local riders.  Learning to understand and train them became a passion which has lasted over 45 years.

A move to Germany in 1984 was a great opportunity. She was granted permission to study with German National riders who were becoming certified to teach and train riders and horses professionally.  Jumping as well as Dressage was mandatory.

Being an ex-patriot in Germany with United Parcel Service, the largest sponsor of national and international riding competitions in Europe, was a intense course in marketing and the inner workings of the international horse show world.

Returning to the United States, Maggie continued to compete in Dressage up to and through the FEI levels of Dressage. While competing was necessary the training became her true passion.

Today Maggie travels and helps riders with fears, misunderstandings and training issues they are experiencing both in the saddle and on the ground.  Although a  dedicated Dressage rider Maggie has the unique ability to use her knowledge and experience to help a variety of riders and horses from many of the different disciplines ridden today.